Evexpert Intimate Wash
Evexpert Intimate Wash
Evexpert Intimate Wash
Evexpert Intimate Wash
Evexpert Intimate Wash
Evexpert Intimate Wash

Non-irritant, pH balancing intimate cleanser

Evexpert Intimate Wash

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What this new BFF in town has to offer?

  • Natural cleansing goodness of tea tree oil, neem extract, and aloe
  • No more irritation or itching, thanks to Lactic Acid's pH-balancing properties
  • Feminine hygiene wash for freedom from odour down-there
  • Free Delivery, all around the world

WHY TRUST Evexpert Intimate Wash?

Free of Parabens & Sulphate

Curated by Cipla Health Experts

Made in India

Trusted by + BFFs

Here's what
the girls have to say...

Okay, lemme be honest. I had never used an intimate wash. Only after my friend's persuasion, I started using this intimate wash. She swears by it and now I know why. Trust me it's, like, legit amazing! Not only does it keep me feeling fresh down there but it also keeps the funk away (bye-bye, odour!). Major score for real!
Andheri, Mumbai
OMG, girls, you need this intimate wash in your life ASAP! No more feeling self-conscious about freshness or odour down there, especially during my periods. But no more of that now. I feel fresh and confident every day of the month.
Kolkata, West Bengal
I've been using this intimate wash for a few weeks now, and I'm extremely happy with the results. It does exactly what it claims – prevents odour and maintains the pH balance. The gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin, and I appreciate that it contains natural ingredients. It leaves me feeling fresh and confident all day long. This product is for everyone who is looking to improve their intimate hygiene.
Nagpur, Maharashtra