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We've got you covered at EveXpert! Our products are all carefully made and delivered, so you'll most likely have no worries about returning or replacing them.

But in those super rare cases where you end up with incorrect stuff, expired goodies, damaged items, or something missing, don't sweat it! Our customer care team is always ready to help you out.

We usually get your order rolling within 1-3 business days. Once it's out the door, you can expect it to make its way to you in around 5-7 days. Patience is key, but we'll make sure it's worth the wait!

About our products

Totally! Our products are pH-balanced and very gentle for everyday use! You can keep slaying every day without any worries!

The frequency for each product varies depending on your needs and lifestyle.
We would recommend using the intimate wash every time while bathing
For maximum results, apply the underarm cream after a shower for smooth underarms all day!
The foot and elbow cream is super nourishing, so if you plan to step out during the day, stick to the cream for your night routine. FYI it can get a little slippery if you apply the cream and step out wearing sandals or slip-ons.
The body oil is perfect to be applied during the day and night-time too. We highly recommend applying it to your arms and legs for that extra glam look for those night outs.
Nonetheless, feel free to experiment and increase or decrease the frequency depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Absolutely, yes! Our products are totally suitable for women of all ages! From Gen Z to Millennials, Boomers, and beyond, we got you covered!

Our intimate hygiene products are next level! Here's why they stand out from the rest. They are:

- pH balanced for the perfect harmony down there!
- Prevents odour with keeping you fresh!
- Gives you germ protection like a boss!
- Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients!
- Paraben and sulfate free, keeping it clean and gentle!
- Created by experts at Cipla - you know it's top-notch!

Level up your intimate care game with eveXpert.

Totally! There aren't any parabens or sulfates in our products!
They're enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and are made under the expertise of Cipla.
I highly recommend it. It definitely is a great choice for you girl!

We mainly focus on female self-care. But, some of our products, like the Foot & Elbow cream and Body Care Oil, are not gender-specific. Boys and girls can equally benefit from these. So don't shy away from grabbing one for yourself now.

Our Intimate Wash

Our intimate wash is a cleanser for your vajayjay. Just like you'd use a body wash for your body, you use our intimate wash for, well, down south. It's all about self-care for your most sensitive bits!

So, here's the deal. This intimate wash is really good. No cap.
It's in that perfect range of 3.5 to 4.5 pH. It is like a shield against odor and those pesky germs. So you can strut around feeling fresh and protected.

It is recommended to use the eveXpert Intimate wash daily during your regular shower routine, but, if you've been sweating it out at the gym or having an active day, a second round will feel great.

This intimate wash is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients.
It contains Tea Tree Oil that helps Fight odour-causing bacteria, Aloe Vera that moisturizes skin and soothes irritation, and Neem Extract that Maintains healthy vaginal flora. You definitely need to try it to believe it.

Absolutely yes, in fact, I'd suggest using it religiously while you're bleeding.
It will stay feeling fresh and clean and also prevent the odour down there.

Our Body care Oil

Body oil is like a superstar for your skin. I feel it's like your secret weapon to keep things smooth, hydrated, and glowing. Using it gives you that bomb-dewy look, and it's like a hug for your skin cells. And using the eveXpert Body Care Oil comes with bonus goodies, it also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and helps improve uneven skin tone.

Our body oil is enriched with the goodness of 8 oils. Amongst them camomile oil helps soothe skin irritation and dryness, onion oil provides hydration and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, calendula oil conditions dry and itchy skin, and rosehip oil lightens skin and protects against free radicals.

It's a very relaxing routine. Pour a generous amount of oil into your palms.
Rub it in, nice and slow, like giving yourself a chill 'me-time' break.
And you're ready with glow-up vibes!

If you're aiming for top-notch results, I'd totally suggest rocking this oil twice a day. Like, make it a part of your A.M. and P.M. routine and watch your skin level up big time.
Get ready to see some legit transformations in how your skin slays.

Oh yes!
No limits on this stuff – slather it on whenever you're feeling that skin thirst. Dry skin will thank you for this hydration superhero. It's like a mega boost of moisture whenever you need it.

Hell yeah!
Our body needs moisture and hydration even during the summer. And this light oil can be applied without feeling yuckiee.
And nobody would mind a nice summer glow!

EveXpert Body Care Oil is infused with onion oil. And believe me, onion oil has got a whole level of awesomeness. It's an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce scars, stretch marks and gives your skin that lit-up glow. Go ahead and give it a shot, you gotta feel the magic for yourself.

Our Underarm Complete Care Cream

It's all about keeping things dry under there, and you know what less sweat means – less funky odor. Plus, it's got this chill, light fragrance that adds a bonus touch of freshness. So, yeah, it's basically like a one-two punch against the underarm chaos.

You just have heard about the powerful niacinamide, that helps maintain even skin tone. The eveXpert Underarm Complete Care Cream consists of niacinamide in addition to citrus extracts that exfoliate and rejuvenate skin. These two wonderful ingredients help lighten those dark pits.

Use it after your morning shower.
It helps keep pits dry and will keep you feeling fresh.

Scoop the cream out of the pack with clean fingers
Generously massage it into the pit until completely absorbed
For max results, use after shower for smooth underarms all day!

Our Foot and Elbow Cream

Alright, listen up! Foot and elbow cream is like the secret weapon for those rough and tough spots.
This cream deeply moisturizes, softens up those dry patches, and smoothens rough and cracked skin.

Totally, our Foot and Elbow cream is enriched with the goodness of turmeric, the golden elixir.
It gently exfoliates dry, rough, and cracked skin.

Use this cream during the night-time.
The foot and elbow cream is super nourishing, so if you plan to step out, stick to the cream for your night routine.
It can get a little slippery if you apply this cream and step out wearing sandals or slip-ons.
So I advise you to apply it right before bedtime to allow the cream to work its magic while you're sleeping.

This cream smoothens rough and cracked skin,
deeply moisturizes, and softens feet and elbow skin.
Not just this, it also reduces flaking and helps keep skin cool and fresh.

It is power packed with the goodness of
lactic acid that helps reduce flaking and restores suppleness,
turmeric that gently exfoliates dry, rough, and cracked skin, and
menthol which helps keep skin cool and fresh

Scoop a little bit of the cream, as little as your worries and
apply it on washed elbows and feet, massaging it in gently.

Talk It Out with Eve

Hey, I feel you! Try jamming to your fave tunes, do a quick TikTok dance, or binge a funny series. Even better indulge in some beauty treatments. It will help you relax and also make you look fresher. And remember, bad days don't last!

Start your day with positive affirmations, strike a power pose, journal your wins, and rock an outfit that makes you feel on top of the world. Take care of your personal hygiene, and feel beautiful from within. You're a total boss babe, own it!

Alright, listen up! Make your day pop by setting intentions, helping someone out, trying something new, and taking the time to appreciate the little things. Life's all about those meaningful moments! You got this, superstar! Don't forget to do things that make your heart happy. Like text your crew for a spontaneous hang, show some love to yourself with a mini pamper sesh, and why not spread some good vibes by sharing a positive post online?

Hey there, self-care champ! First things first, schedule "me time" like it's a VIP event. Treat yourself to cozy nights in, whip up your favorite comfort food, and don't forget to shut off those notifications for a tech detox. Apply a face pack and give yourself a nice massage while listening to your favourite tunes. Take care of your body and mind. Oh, and remember, it's all about progress, not perfection. You're blossoming on this journey!

Hey, I totally get you – we've all been there! But listen up, you're amazing just the way you are. Embrace those underarms, dark or not, as a part of your unique beauty. Flaunt what you've got and rock your confidence! Get your hands on a nice underarm cream. It's like a confidence boost in a jar. Smooth it on, let it do its magic. Remember, you're gorgeous just as you are but self-love and self-care are important.

Cracked feet? No biggie! Soak 'em in warm water, exfoliate gently, and slather on a rich foot cream. Wear comfy socks to lock in moisture overnight. Stay consistent and soon those feet will be as smooth as silk. Soon you'll be strutting in your favorite sliders and sandals with all the confidence in the world. Time to give your feet some love!

When it comes to underarms, we all deal with stuff, right? Stay hydrated, and opt for breathable fabrics. Use a good-quality deodorant to stay fresh all day long. Avoid harsh ones. Try a cream with natural ingredients like citrus extracts and niacinamide for exfoliating and reducing underarm pigmentation. Slap on sunscreen if you're catching rays to keep pigmentation at bay. Remember, results take time, so be patient and consistent. You've got this!

Dealing with dry skin? No stress – we've got the scoop.
First things first,you must keep that water bottle handy and stay hydrated, inside and out.
Swap out harsh cleansers for something gentle to keep those natural oils intact.
Moisturize like your skin's life depends on it. A good body oil is a holy grail.
And let me break that myth- Body oils are not just for winters, you can use a light body oil during summers too. They are far more moisturizing. This makes them ideal for dull and dry skin.
Along with moisturizing, try a gentle exfoliation routine to buff away dead skin. During winter, hot showers might feel heavenly, but they can zap your skin's hydration, so go lukewarm.
Whenever your room's feeling dry, pop in a humidifier to amp up the moisture. Tackle dryness with a killer diet, loaded with omega-3s and vitamins.
Get ready to slay with skin that's seriously hydrated!
Pro tip: Apply a body oil immediately after your shower, on damp skin for a radiant boost. Be a glow-getter!

Hey BFF, this is my daily intimate hygiene routine and I swear by it. Happy to share it with you gal.
I start with a gentle intimate wash – no harsh stuff for me. I pat it dry from front to back and wear my cotton undies for max comfort,
I Keep sippin' water, 'cause hydration's the game.
If it's that time of the month, I'm on top of my hygiene game.
I allways keep things dry – wet swimsuits and sweat aren't the besties you need.
I prefer giving tight clothes a breather sometimes – to let my skin vibe.
Pro tip: If anything's fishy, don't hesitate to talk to a doc. Your wellness is a priority, always!

Hey, I totally get that you're feeling guilty about what happened. It's a good step that you're acknowledging your feelings of guilt and taking responsibility for your actions

First things first, you need to have an honest conversation with your boyfriend about what happened. It won't be easy, but it's better than keeping it a secret. Remember, communication is key in any relationship. Be prepared for his reaction, which could be anything from anger to sadness.

Take some time to reflect on why you cheated. Was it a one-time mistake, or are there deeper issues in your relationship that need to be addressed?

Also, think about what led you to make that choice. This can help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future.
We all mess up sometimes. It's how we handle our mistakes that define us. Learn from this experience and use it as an opportunity to grow as a person. Just be honest, take responsibility, and work towards making things right, whatever that might look like for both you and your boyfriend.

Of course, girl, you can totally vent to me! I'm here to listen without any judgment. Spill the tea – I'm all ears!

Oh, I so feel you on that! Managing screen time is a whole vibe, right? What I do is set some legit boundaries. Like, I decide on a daily limit for social media and stick to it. Also, I keep my notifications in check so I'm not constantly glued to my phone.

Oh, and this is big – I make tech-free zones, especially when I need to chill or sleep. That bedroom is a sacred no-phone zone, you know what I mean? And girl, don't be afraid to unfollow or mute stuff that's stressing you out. Your mental health is primo!

Remember, FOMO is real but taking breaks is the key. I schedule mini digital detox moments. Whether it's a walk, reading a book, pampering my self with some skincare, or hanging with friends, it helps to disconnect and live IRL.

A digital detox is like taking a break from screens to recharge your brain. And yeah, it can be super helpful! Think about it: we're bombarded with notifications, updates, and likes 24/7. A detox lets your brain chill and recharge. It's like giving yourself a mental spa day. You're not constantly checking stuff, and that can seriously lower stress levels. It lets you focus on real-life stuff. You get to do things you love without tech distractions. Just finding that balance for a happier you! But hey, it's not about going cold turkey forever. It's more like finding what works for you. Whether it's a full day off every week or just setting specific hours, it's all about feeling better and more present. So yeah, sis, it's legit helpful!

Oh, I've got you covered for a fab DIY spa day at home! First up, set the mood with some chill music and dim lighting – major vibes! Start with a bubble bath using your fave bath bombs or salts. Pamper your face with a gentle exfoliating scrub and a nourishing face mask – selfie time, maybe?

Don't forget the cucumber slices for your eyes – classic move! Then, give yourself a mani-pedi with a cute nail color. Grab a cozy robe and fluffy socks to complete the relaxation mode. Oh, and scented candles? Total must for that soothing ambiance.

And let's talk snacks – some fresh fruit, chocolates, or your go-to treat. Hydration is key, so sip on infused water or herbal tea. To top it off, settle down with a good book, a journal, or just close your eyes and zen out.

Remember, it's all about you feeling amazing, so customize it to your vibe. Self-care is self-love, babe! Enjoy your spa day like the queen you are.

Let's craft you a killer nighttime routine to catch those Z's. Wind down from screens an hour before bed, sip on calming herbal tea like camomile, read a book (the old-school kind), do some gentle stretches, jot down thoughts in a journal, stick to a bedtime ritual, make your bed super cozy, and give meditation a whirl. Keep a consistent sleep schedule too. It helps regulate your body clock. Give these hacks a shot and tweak 'em to match your groove. And remember, it might take a bit to see the full sleep magic, but be patient with yourself. You'll surely start sleeping tight and waking up refreshed!

Totally get you, balancing everything can be a hustle! But carving out time for what you love is the key. First, schedule it in – treat your hobbies like legit appointments. Whether it's painting, playing an instrument, self-care routine, or whatever makes your heart happy, set aside specific time in your planner.

Also, try the "5-Minute Rule" – even on crazy days, spend just 5 minutes on your hobby. You might end up enjoying it so much that you keep going! Multitasking can be your BFF too. If you love listening to music, do it while you're working or commuting.

And don't forget about weekends – they're prime time for some serious hobby action. Prioritize what truly sparks joy and cut back on time-wasting stuff. Remember, self-care ain't selfish – it's a must. So, girl, pencil in those joyful activities, and make 'em non-negotiable. You deserve it!

Aw, navigating conflicts is real-life stuff, right? Here's the deal: open communication is everything. When things get tough, sit down and really talk. Listen to each other without interrupting, and share how you feel – use "I" statements, like "I felt hurt when..." It keeps the blame game away.

Take a chill pill when things get heated. If you're getting too emotional, it's okay to take a breather. Just make sure to come back and talk things out when you're calmer. And remember, it's not about who's right, but finding a solution that works for both of you.

Empathy is your superpower. Put yourself in their shoes and see where they're coming from. And if it's still tough, don't hesitate to involve a neutral friend or a mediator – sometimes an outsider's perspective helps.

Bottom line, relationships are a two-way street. It's all about respect, understanding, and finding common ground. Keep the love and friendship at the core, and you'll get through anything together. You've got this, champ!

Hey, we all battle those pesky insecurities, but you're not alone in this! First, give yourself some serious credit – you're amazing just as you are. Own your strengths and achievements.

Remember, social media isn't the whole story. Comparing yourself to others online is a trap. Focus on your own journey and growth. And when those negative thoughts creep in, challenge them!

Surround yourself with positivity – friends who lift you up and activities that make you feel awesome. Self-care is not only taking care of your body but also your mind, it's treating yourself like your own best friend. And don't be afraid to seek professional help if your insecurities are overwhelming.

Embrace your uniqueness, flaws, and all. They're what make you, YOU. You're not defined by your insecurities. Keep hustling, keep loving yourself, and remember, I'm here cheering for you, always!